PhD in arts & sciences
supported by La Chaire

Brice Ammar-Khodja
Graphic designer and visual artist, doctoral student at École des Arts Décoratifs, Paris – Concordia

“Frictions (Im)Matérielles”, 2020-2023
At the intersection of digital arts, material science and the anthropology of the senses. Co-supervision between Concordia University (Individualized Program) and École des Arts Décoratifs – SACRe program (Sciences, Art, Creation, Research), PSL University.

Anouk Daguin
Artist, performer and gardener, doctoral student in arts & sciences at École polytechnique

“Multi-worlds – Sensitive interaction of the living sphere”, 2020 – 2023
On communication with the vegetal world and our relationship to plants. Co-directed by Centrale Supélec (LGPM lab) – Paris-Saclay University and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

Raphaëlle Kerbrat
Artist and doctoral student in arts & sciences | École des Arts Décoratifs, Paris

“The Weight of Data, material and sensitive paradoxes of the digital world”, 2019 – 2023
PhD on the paradox of digital “immateriality” in relation to the hyper-materiality of the infrastructures that support it. As part of the SACRe – École des Arts Décoratifs – PSL program.

Aniara Rodado
Choreographer, artist and performer, doctoral student in arts and sciences at École Polytechnique

“Dance and botany”, 2015 – 2022
On the links of interdependence between the body and the plant world, in an ecofeminist perspective valuing witchcraft and indigenous knowledge. Institut Polytechnique Paris.

Ana Rewakowicz
Visual artist, doctoral student in arts & sciences | École polytechnique, Paris”Mist Collector”, 2015 – 2021

Research on alternative resources to collect drinking water, through several installations designed with the support of La Chaire Arts & Sciences – LadHyX / École polytechnique – Cultural Council of Canada.

Performed PhD defenses

“Technophanic Manufactures” | Research and Design PhD

Emile de Visscher
Musée des Arts et Métiers | 26.11.2018

“Manufactures technophaniques”: a research through design to explore the links between technical, aesthetic and symbolic regimes in manufacturing processes, stimulating a collective understanding and participation.

SACRe – École des Arts Déoratifs – PSL PhD, under the supervision of Samuel Bianchini and Roger Malina. In order to present in a different way the research based on practice, Emile de Visscher defended his PhD in public, in the chapel of Arts et Métiers, with a presentation of several installations realized during his research, exhibited for the occasion.

New Manufactures | Exhibition

Émile de Visscher
Musée des Arts et Métiers | 26.11 – 02.12.2018

Presentation of research-creation installations designed by Emile de Visscher, on the occasion of his PhD defense.

From a plastic recycling process taking the form of a cotton candy machine (Polyfloss), a mother-of-pearl coating machine (Pearling), a cellulose petrification oven (Petrification), to a volumetric graffiti bomb (Bold), each project explores possible links between technical operation and symbolic operation, between efficiency and collective imagination.
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Matière en actes | Defense – Exhibition

Ianis Lallemand
Gaîté Lyrique | 02-05.12.2017

“Matière en actes: the relationship between design and materiality in digital material production”

“Matière en actes” is a practice based PhD in art and design, developed according to a double approach: empirical – concretized by the realization of projects and experiments – and reflective – taking the form of a written work. The defense was articulated between a presentation of the research, with an exchange with the jury and the exhibition of a selection of work, from December 2 to 5, 2017 at la Gaîté lyrique, Paris.
Ianis Lallemand’s exhibition at la Gaîté lyrique
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