La Chaire Arts & Sciences explores the relations of interdependence between living and technological environments and human and non-human environments. It does so through multidisciplinary cooperation that gives priority to a perceptible and reasoned approach.

How does the dialogue among arts, design, science, and society help us question our relations of interdependence with life and technology? La Chaire Arts & Sciences was created in 2017 by École Polytechnique, École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs-PSL and the Fondation Daniel and Nina Carasso.

Their shared ambition is to strengthen links among creation, research, and civil society. In order to take action together in the face of ecological emergency, societal uncertainties, and technological and financial trends that do not take the common good into account, it seems crucial to reconsider our relationships of interdependence(s), our forms of interaction, and our perceptible relationships between humans and non-humans.

By combining research-creation, pedagogical innovations, and “publicization” actions, La Chaire Arts & Sciences participates in widespread cooperative actions that put priority on the perceptible experience, training through practice, multidisciplinary projects and gatherings, as well as on original formats that renew relationships with the public.

The 3 partners’ presentation

Anastassia Makridou-Bretonneau

Head of the Citizen Art /“Art Citoyen” Program at the Fondation Daniel and Nina Carasso

Samuel Bianchini

Co-Head of La Chaire Arts & Sciences, École des Arts Décoratifs, Paris

Jean-Marc Chomaz

Co-Head of La Chaire Arts & Sciences, École polytechnique