A Fondation Daniel et Nina Carasso’s 1fff podcast
Les voix de l’art citoyen : meeting those who make art an engine of citizenship and commitment

Production: Wave.audio
Line production : Isabelle Duriez
Writting and introduction : Léa Minod
Direction : Guillaume Girault

1ffffInteractive mapping of the  arts-design-sciences journal

A project initiated by the Chaire Arts & Sciences and developed by the research group on reflexive interaction of the EnsadLab (EnsAD’s research lab).

1fffffCollaboration’s contracts between artists and scientists :
Collaborative artwork

Collective artwork

These models help to provide a legal framework respecting the wishes and rights on behalf of the various authors (artists and scientists in particular) of arts & sciences works. They define two legal frameworks for creation :
– collaborative works where all the participants are authors of the final work (horizontal working relationship, affirmation in the legal framework of the will to co-create and to make an interdisciplinary shared work) ;
– collective works where each participant retains the right to the name (is the author) of his or her contribution, the work then being the juxtaposition of non-shared contributions reflecting a multidisciplinary work with or without a person in charge of the total coherence who is then the author of the work.

Contract models developed by Maître Granger in a working group of the Arts & Sciences Chair, to be made available to the arts & sciences community under French law.