Cosmos luminescent

How can we understand space and the luminous vibrations that run through matter, from the nanoscale to the cosmos?

“Alchemy of color: illuminating nanoworlds”

A research-creation project designed to test the certitudes of our perception, by presenting gold and silver objects sculpted at a nanoscale, invisible to all optical processes. Two complementary installations are used: “A Thousand Shades of Green, an Attempt – nanolithography” (nanoengraving on a glass disk) and “Alchemy of Light – nanosculptures” (nanosculptures in suspension).

Thousand shades of Green, an Attempt : nanolithographie

Jean-Marc Chomaz, Olga Flor, Vincenzo Giannini, Giancarlo Rizza | 2019

“A Thousand Shades of Green, an Attempt” is a nanoscale installation that attempts to achieve transformation of light by coherent plasma formation on the surface of a 1-cm² glass disk. It is a lithograph made at a scale smaller than that of visible light, at the extreme limit of our current ability to transcribe matter, far from the scales usually performed by human beings.

Alchemy of Light: Nanosculptures

Jean-Marc Chomaz, Olga Flor, and Giancarlo Rizza, in partnership with Jean-Michel Wierniezky, Hynd Remita, Anaïs Lehoux, and Mireille Benoit | 2020

“Alchemy of Light: nanosculptures” presents a set of colloidal solutions of nanoparticles recently synthesized at the Physical Chemistry Laboratory of Orsay, France. Some contain stacks of silver nano-triangles, others pure gold nano-sticks. The play of the eye reveals various shades of greens and metallic colors that attest to a different light-matter interaction and reveal a thousand new colors yet to be named.


Thomassine Gieseck, Jean-Marc Chomaz et Bruno Palpant, in collaboration with Hynd Remita, Mireille Benoît and Jean-Michel Wierniezky | 2018-2021 

Thomassine Giesecke, visual artist, Jean-Marc Chomaz, artist-physicist (LadHyX, Cnrs, Ecole polytechnique) and Bruno Palpant, physicist (LuMIn, Centrale Supélec, Université Paris – Saclay) in collaboration with Hynd Remita and Michelle Benoît, physico-chemists (Institute of Physical Chemistry, Université Paris – Saclay) and Jean-Michel Wierniezky, glass blower (Ecole polytechnique).They conducted a research-creation project staging the changes in visual perception induced by gold nanoparticles. The Volvox installation stages a dance in a closed and nocturnal environment, like the invisible dance of the sea floor, where the volvoxes evolve to the random and sequenced rhythm of a circle whose direction of rotation changes perpetually.Here are exploited the remarkable optical properties of gold nanoparticles suspended in blown glass drops, themselves suspended and in movement as in the depths of the ocean. Two sources of light reveal changing colors according to the orientation, according to this round.

Paysages extrasolaires (Extra-solar landscapes)

LABOFACTORY (Jean-Marc Chomaz, Laurent Karst, Filippo Fabbri), with the participation of art and design students from the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Dijon | 2018

The video installation “Paysages Extrasolaires” presents around thirty imaginary celestial bodies, created during a workshop for researchers and artists led by the LABOFACTORY collective in December 2017 at École des Beaux-Arts in Dijon. The installation is conceived as a living and changing visual and acoustic landscape, where planets appear, disappear, dialogue together and intermingle, each with its own vibration.