.able is a free, multi-media, visual journal for publishing research at the intersection of art, design and science through images.


How to give an account of research-creation other than through the text? How to transmit the richness of this knowledge in a sensitive way? Combining academic rigor and openness to the general public, the journal .able responds to this challenge by offering a visual, multi-media and free journal that gives an image-based view of research at the intersection of the arts, design and science. An innovative production of the Chair Arts and Sciences created in 2017 by the École Polytechnique, the École des Arts Décoratifs, Paris – Université PSL and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, with the ambition of strengthening the links between the academic world and civil society.

With five interactive formats, the .able journal offers radically new forms of publication, accessible to all through images. Original and hybrid, accessible online and distributed on social networks, the .able journal meets the criteria of academic journals (international editorial committee, peer reviews, referencing)..

able is published by Actar Publishers and supported by some thirty international partners, brought together to publish in an original way interdisciplinary research results, which put into perspective and into images contemporary, environmental and socio-political issues.

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