Forms of Water

Research that puts water on stage in different forms—drops, mist, fog, cloud, or acid rain—in a poetic and political way, to question the climate and environment emergency.

Orogeny of the Mists

Nicolas Reeves in collaboration with Jean-Marc Chomaz | 2020-2021

The installation, which represents a mist garden, emits a very light murmur resulting from the transposition of the movement of the mist into sound waves when it is disturbed by visitors walking by. At irregular intervals, other sound waves transcribe the occurrence of earthquakes on the surface of the globe, as detected by the Earth’s seismological institutes and retransmitted in real time via the Internet. This enables the immersed visitors to become aware of all the rhythms of the world and to synchronize their inner tremor with them.
Co-production by Le Centquatre, Hexagram, and La Chaire Arts & Sciences

Quantum Dream

Virgile Novarina, Walid Breidi, and LABOFACTORY (Jean-Marc Chomaz, Laurent Karst), in partnership with Didier Bouchon, Antoine Garcia and Giancarlo Rizza | 2019-2020

“Quantum Dream” reveals the rich inner experience and the intense cerebral activity of the sleeper, despite the latter’s body being inert during sleep. It offers a sensory and poetic rereading of this paradox.


LABOFACTORY (Jean-Marc Chomaz, Laurent Karst, Filippo Fabbri, Greg Louis), assisted by Antoine Garcia, Eunyoung Lee and Coralie Betbeder | 2018-2019

“Sky” takes on form in a basin of patches of fog that come and go. They are animated by forms that are mobile and ephemeral, as well as spectral and mucilaginous, in an out-of-the-ordinary landscape. It seeks to question our relationship with and our responsibility for the natural phenomena that take place in the sky. In its interactive and sonorized form, the mist becomes a sound material made of textures and rhythms, which moves in response to the movements of the spectators around the installation.

Water Drums

LABOFACTORY (Jean-Marc Chomaz, Filippo Fabbri, Greg Louis et Laurent Karst) | 2018-2019

A sound and visual system that is both performative and immersive, “Waterdrums” transforms basins of water into luminous percussions. Six basins are placed at the front of the stage, with four screens positioned at the back. Two musicians come on stage and hit the surface of the water, while circular light waves propagate on the screens above them. When a musician hits the surface of a rectangular basin, a landscape of moving waves appears in the background, taking the spectator into an immersive experience in continual metamorphosis.