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Multidisciplinary events, combining academic standards and pedagogical approaches, in order to renew the relationship with the public and present current research on contemporary issues.

“Communities of machines” : exhibition and defense of Olivain Porry’s thesis

Maison des Métallos | 13-16. 04.2022| 

An exhibition by Olivain Porry with the robotic and communicating object collectives “Fans (gisants)” (2020), “Toasters” (2018) and “Enlightenment” (2020). These art installations create communities of objects with behaviors, they operate according to their own organizations that they let us perceive: the “Fans (gisants)” twist on the ground, the “Toasters” move and drum while the projectors of “Enlightenment” light each other. Together, they coordinate and create a new and moving entity, between the living and the artificial.

This exhibition and the accompanying doctoral defense propose to approach the networks of objects through their mutual relations, their agentivity and their relationship to the space that surrounds them. Through the production of movements, their expression, their spatial arrangement, the artworks invite us to experience the subjectivity of machines, and imagine societies of objects.

Night of Ideas 2020 “Being alive: becoming machine-like?”

Musée des Arts et Métiers | January 20, 2020

An evening of interdisciplinary meetings and debates, with performances and artistic installations enabling us to experiment with our “becoming machine-like.”
Machines are infiltrating there where we least expect them, taking over our bodies and influencing how we act and think. Endowed with behaviors and capable of not only autonomy and decision-making but also creativity, machines are gradually acquiring powers, know-how, and even rights that make them “alive” or that at least provide them with attributes hitherto reserved to living beings.

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Garden the Sky Water

École polytechnique, Cité internationale des arts, Studio des Ursulines, Maison des Métallos | June 12–15, 2019

International symposium: four days of meetings, conferences, round tables and performances to explore our relationship with water in the sky, from the atmosphere to the cosmos, from a scientific, artistic, ecological, and philosophical point of view.

What are the socio-political, scientific, and philosophical implications of water in the atmosphere and in space? In the zone of tension between our infinite desires and limited resources, can we succeed in cultivating new approaches together for exploring alternative sources of water by drawing on the philosophy of Gilles Clément and his “Garden in Motion”?

By calling on post-anthropocentric narratives that combine nature, culture, and technology, by insisting on our interdependence with our environment, as in the game of string figures discussed by Donna Haraway, a renewed alliance among all the “companion species” of biodiversity is proposed.
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Behavioral Matter

Centre Pompidou | Feb. 23–Apr. 14, 2019

A series of international arts, science & design events to explore the notion of behavioral matter.
How can we create through inspiration from or with life? How can we compose with living or partially living systems or organisms? This approach, which implies rethinking the relationships between humans, non-humans, and environments, is implemented here by exploring the notion of “behavior,” whether it concerns living, artificial, or hybrid systems. “Behavioral Matter” is divided into three series of events:
1ff Behavioral Matter | Feb. 23–Apr. 14, 2019 | Cycle of workshops for children
1ff Behavioral Matter, the Workshop | March 15–17, 2019 | International public research-creation workshop: organized visits and public feedback presentation
1ff Seminar – To Compose with the Living | March 29, 2019 | International symposium 1:30-7:30 pm, seminar 8:30-10 pm; “Dissect” evening
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“Exoterritories” – launch party of the Exoplanète Terre network

École des Arts Décoratifs | March 22, 2019

Initiated by nine cultural organizations in Ile-de-France, the Exoplanète Terre network proposes a program weaving links between arts and sciences to “consider the Earth as a planet to be discovered,” covering ecological and anthropotechnical questions.

The evening launch event of the 2019-2020 programming was followed by an “Exoterritories” happening arranged by La Cie Le Clair Obscur and the artist Frédéric Deslias, who invited about twenty participants to put on an astronaut outfit and to follow an exploration protocol in Paris’ Pantheon district.

This mobile program was proposed by the Ile-de-France network Exoplanète Terre: Némo Biennial, CAC Brétigny, La Chaire Arts & Sciences, Collectif Culture 91 – “La Science de l’Art,” Domaine départemental de Chamarande, La Diagonale Paris-Saclay, Siana, in partnership with TRAs and Makery.

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Becoming Plant

École Polytechnique and ENS Jourdan

09-13.10.2017, International symposium – conferences and workshops

Two days of workshops, two days of symposium, and one day of discussions focused on “Becoming plant,” to challenge our perception of plants, to glimpse and invent another set of string figures to practice with plants. The idea is to no longer simply enlightening us on what plants bring us, but to go beyond such anthropocentrism and to imagine how we are going to be transformed by them.
“Becoming Plant” is a gathering of artists, physicists, gardeners, philosophers, biologists, mediologists, farmers, historians, and anthropologists—all researchers willing to renew together their practices, protocols, learning, and processes of questioning.

1fffff Contributors: Design office – Emanuele Coccia – Gilberto Esparza – Francis Hallé Jens Hauser – Sebastian Jansajoy – Michael Marder – Natasha Myers Patrick Perré – Špela Petrič – Quimera Rosa – Marc-André Selosse

International symposium designed and organized by Aniara Rodado, as part of her arts-sciences doctoral research at École polytechnique with support from La Chaire arts & sciences, in collaboration with Jean-Marc Chomaz, and in partnership with École Polytechnique’s Sustainable Development Chair, LabeX LaSIPS, and the OU/ERT association.

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