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Team – Artists / Associated researchers

ÉQUIPE Heads of the Chaire arts & sciences : JEAN-MARC CHOMAZ École polytechnique – Artist-physicist, professor at École polytechnique, researcher at CNRS, co-founder of Labofactory. chomaz(at)ladhyx.polytechnique.fr SAMUEL BIANCHINI École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris – PSL, artist-professor-researcher, head of reflective interaction, the research group of EnsadLab. samuel.bianchini(at)ensad.fr JULIE SAURET Head of communication & […]

Context – Ecosystem

Since 1990, the École polytechnique (“X”) has been developing a research programme combining arts and sciences, involving artists, researchers, doctoral and undergraduate students from several institutions. This program is now carried out by the hydrodynamics laboratory, LadHyX, studying natural sciences, and the interdisciplinary laboratory of human and social sciences, LinX, studying the relationships between science, […]